Private Duty Home Care: What You Need To Know

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In-home care is a major long-term need for older adults with chronic health issues and who cannot attend for themselves. In solution, home health care is available to resolve this problem. All aspects of home care can be confusing and daunting. For suppose, in case of any event like injury, fall, etc., the time to find the right solution is Now! Therefore understanding the options available for support at your home can relieve the stress and can aid in better recovery. As a result, private duty home care can be an option that may fit your loved one’s needs. Many research studies suggest that private home care promotes more patient satisfaction as compared to other home care services. Likewise, private duty home care involves an agency, or you can hire a caregiver privately.

What is Private Duty Home Care?

Private duty home is just a subset of general home care. Caregivers can provide a wide range of services, from clinical care to bill payment and transportation. The objective is to deliver whatever the clients need to maximize their independence in their own homes. Some of their services include;

  • Personal care, such as bathing, grooming, hygiene, transfers, and ambulation services.
  • Companionship
  • Medication administration and reminders.
  • Meal assistance
  • Providing special care services to patients with Alzheimer’s disease, hospice care, or end of life care.
  • Transportation for health care appointments, shopping, etc.
  • Feeding and walking pets or taking them to the vet.

How does it differ from traditional home care services?

Private duty home care differs from traditional home care in terms of payment options. There are two types of payment approaches;

  1. Full coverage medical insurance: In this, the insurance companies pay all the claims by their customers.
  2. Medicare supplemental insurance: In this, the insurance policy either supplements the medicare insurance or replaces it. 

Additionally, some patients pay out of pocket or through long-term insurance policy to access in-home private care services. Also, there is an option to use hybrid forms of payment methods that include combinations of different commonly used insurance.

Besides that, a private duty home is a great means for your patient to stay independent and get the personalized care they need regardless of any time limitations. Undoubtedly, being looked after by someone promotes a sense of companionship for your loved one. 

How private care supports seniors?

We can better describe how private duty home care can support seniors through a real-life example.

Jenifer was an 80 years old widow who lived alone at home. Though, she was independent but had a history of falls. One day she slipped in the washroom while taking a bath and ended up developing a hip fracture. Eventually, the hip fracture was repaired, but the bad news was that the doctors advised her to complete bed rest for eight weeks. 

Although she qualified for rehab therapy, her insurance stopped paying after one month, and she had to go home. Jenifer then received a referral for home health care from her doctor, which meant that she could receive physiotherapy and aide services thrice a week.

Despite getting the referral for home health care, Jenifer was still unable to cook, clean, or perform laundry tasks. Furthermore, she also needed help with self-care activities such as toileting, bathing, hygiene care, and dressing. However, the staff was not allowed to provide these services under the Medicare plan. Therefore, Jenifer decided to reach out to a private home health agency. She opted for a plan in which the home caregiver came seven days a week for four hours a day to assist her in her personal care tasks, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and laundry. In this way, her recovery went really well.  

The above example shows how people can go for private home care services and customize their care plans as per their needs.

This brings us to an end; we hope that from now when someone asks you, “what is private duty home care,” you can confidently provide the answer. For more information regarding private duty home care, contact a Preferred Gold representative to help you find these services near you. Find out if private pay home care is right for you! 

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